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2020-2021 Executive Board


Lisa Kussell
Hi, My name is Phoebe Rosenthal and I'm in third grade. My mommy's name is Lisa Kussell. S
he loves to help my school. Last year, she was Co-VP of the PA. Before that, she was Volunteer Coordinator. She has been Class Parent every year. She also helps run the auction (they have munchkins at the meetings!) and KidsRock and bakes for bake sales. My mom believes in kindness and trying your hardest. I think she'll make a great Co-President with Stella's mom.

Paulina Perera-Riveroll
Mamma to 7th grader Stella Kane, I've been an active member of the PA for the past 5 years, and co-chaired the Annual Appeal fundraising for 2 years prior to joining the PA. I've been Class Parent Coordinator for the past 2 years and served actively in several committees. I'm a senior bilingual educator at the New-York Historical Society running the Spanish program Hablemos, I'm also an artist and a social justice activist.

Co-Vice President

Alison Papalia

Alison is mom to a sixth grader who has been at MSC since kindergarten. She served as Co-Vice President of the PA executive board last year and served as Co-Secretary the two years prior. She was also a class parent for four years. Alison believes that parents need to be involved in our school community wherever possible.

Linda Saffire

Linda is a mom to a sixth grader who has been a MSC since kindergarten. She has been a class parent since the day her daughter walked into her very first classroom. (Kindergarten with Lynn)!

Linda and her family have experienced some of the most amazing years with outstanding teachers and have experienced the worst of the worst, (only one year on the latter). She knows what it takes to jump in, work with parents, teachers, and the administration to help fix the problems and get everyone through the rough times.

Although there have been some concerns about the administration in recent years, Linda feels that because of the teachers and the community MSC is the best Elementary and Middle School in District 3.


Barrett Schlotthauer

Having served last year as Co-Treasurer, I have gained a very strong understanding of how FOMSC can best serve the children and staff of MSC. Last year, I made it a top priority to make our budget more efficient by updating our bookkeeping, cutting costs, and examining older programs and expenses to ensure they were achieving their goals. This year my goal is to continue to make our treasury more efficient by focusing on less upfront fundraising costs through volunteerism. Obviously, this year looks like no other at MSC, and I anticipate fundraising will be more challenging. However, I feel like the PA has a unique opportunity to make this year work as best it can using all of our resources. In addition, I'm very pleased to have Rahsaan Harris joining me in order to bring his experience and perspective. Thank you.

Rahsaan Harris

This is my family’s second year at MSC and our daughter is a first grader. My introduction to MSC volunteerism was through representing the IDC at PA executive meetings. Subsequently, I spoke about issues of racial inclusion at the school town hall in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. I also enjoyed addressing the middle school students on the same issue in June 2020.

Professionally, I am the CEO of Citizens Committee for New York City. I have more than 20 years of experience leading nonprofits and international grant making, partnering with communities to make local investments and promote community improvement. 


Liz Green

After 7 years of being apart of the MSC community, I've  appreciated how much parent involvement there is at MSC.  I've learned there is no perfect school out there. We will always run into bumps along the way, but as a parent community, we can make it a better place for our children. I have a 5th grade daughter with another one starting Kindergarten next year. During this pandemic, it is even more important that  we work together as a team to find  virtual ways to stay connected. 

Rachel Connors Phillippe

Mom to a first grader, Rachel is happy to have this opportunity to serve the MSC community. She brings with her years of theatrical, film, and television production experience which she hopes to parlay into her role as co-secretary. Working alongside Liz, Rachel is looking forward to keeping our MSC community connected.


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