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Academy of Animated Art

Spark Creativity with STEM & ART Animation!

Looking for an activity to spark your child's creativity? Say goodbye to mindless screen time and hello to active creation time!


The Academy of Animated Art's self-learning STEM & Art Animation Program introduces kids to the fascinating world of animation. Children will learn animation, storytelling, design, lighting, and stop-motion techniques through engaging video lessons and hands-on projects with our animation kit. By the end of the program, your child will have their own animation and a collection of projects to showcase their skills. Most importantly, this program nurtures their creative thinking and ideation abilities in a fun and educational experience.


As an exclusive offer for MSC parents, you'll receive $50 off the program's regular price (code: LOVEMSC), and to make it even sweeter, 10% of the proceeds will go directly to MSC, supporting our school community.


So, why settle for watching animations when your child can be the one creating them? Let your child's imagination soar - CLICK HERE to get started and happy creating!

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