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MSC’s Greenhouse Project Science Laboratory was built in 2010. Students experience science through

interactive technologies such as hydroponic vegetable farming, solar panels, a rainwater catchment

system, a weather station, worm composting, and a kitchen corner. Students get hands-on experience

with hydroponic farming by becoming farmer scientists. Students will participate in the entire growth

cycle from seeding to harvesting and will help maintain the hydroponic systems by watering, cleaning,

and measuring nutrient and pH levels to ensure healthy growing plants.

New York Sun Works is MSC’s partner in education and maintaining the greenhouse. The Greenhouse

Project Core Curriculum was developed by New York Sun Works in conjunction with MSC for use in the

greenhouse lab and is an integrated part of the school’s curricula. The Greenhouse Curriculum allows

students to meet the requirements of the NYC Scope and Sequence Standards while going beyond by

learning about today’s environmental concerns. Students develop an understanding of climate change,

population impact, water resources management, energy resources impact, contamination,

conservation, food production, health and nutrition.

Parents Green Team

MSC’s Parent Green Team supports not only the greenhouse, but other green initiatives throughout the

school year. We are always looking for more volunteers. Listed below are our main objectives:

  • Support the New York Sun Works service team by helping maintain the greenhouse

  • Maintain the exterior garden beds and planters

  • Support MSC’s Zero Waste School initiatives

  • Support MSC’s Climate Action Day initiatives

  • Plan and run the annual MSC Earth Day event

  • Work together with MSC’s Sustainability Coordinator and Student Green Team

  • Grant writing to support the greenhouse


If you would like to join the Parent Green Team, please click here.

For more information about the Parent Green Team please email:

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