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Parent/Caregiver involvement is vital to the success of fun, community building events and enrichment experiences. We ask that each caregiver dedicate some time to helping build our community during the school year. Below are some places we could use your help! We also need your help spearheading new ideas to benefit our community. Please browse committees on Konstella or contact to learn more about current volunteering opportunities

Participate and make the MSC community better for our children!


The MSC Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee (IDC) is dedicated to creating a shared school community of families and educators that embraces and reflects the diversity of our District and our City.  Creating such a community takes intentional and collaborative work; our mission is to raise the collective awareness and cultural competencies of members of the community. We are committed to making MSC a school where all voices are heard, valued, and respected towards shaping an inclusive and welcoming community. 

Please click HERE or contact to learn more. 




Being a class parent is a fulfilling way to actively participate throughout the school year helping support our classroom teachers and connecting families to the MSC community.

If you are interested in serving as a class parent email:

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